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Re: late ECing? 17mo DD spontaneously potty learning?

My daughter self potty learned at 17m also. She is almost 19m now. She would tell me every time she would pee and would want her diaper off. Then of course she woulden't put one back on. We got out her potty chair and we would leave her naked all day and when she would tell me she had to go I would put her on. I still put a diaper on her when we go out most of the time and once in a wile she will have an accident at home but for the most part she knows befor she goes. I dont worry about regressing because it was her choise to potty learn. We are driving from Michigan to the middle of Mexico the day after Christmas and I think I am going to get a travel potty to take with us but it is a very long drive and even if she tells me that she has to go we may not be able to pull over in time for her to use it. She does not like it when she tells us she has to go and then has an accident becasue we could not take her fast enuff. I'm sure this will be the case since we will be in the car for 4days. I have bought a few potty learners and have heard that a few are almost as absorbant as a diaper so we will use those and I don't think that we will have any problems with regression.

I would suggest getting her some learners and giving them to her right befor you travel. You can tell her something like she is a big girl now and uses the potty and these are special pantys that she is not supposed to pee in. I am getting some of the blueberry minky trainers and from what I have read they are the most absorbant.
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