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Re: Is anybody night-weaning?

I know you are all said and done now...but I wanted to share how I did it for anyone who wants to know.

DD associated the recliner as a booby place. SO when we were working on night weaning we layed down unstead of sitting up (she never got booby laying down, always sitting up in the recliner) We had 2 rough nights of where she wanted booby but I wouldnt give it to her unstead I cuddled with her and things like that. After those two nights if we sat in the chair she expected booby, if we laid down she didnt....So with was just changing things up a bit and she weaned really easily.

SADLY, after night weaning, she pretty well weaned all together. We lasted for about another month and now...she hasnt asked to nurse for several days (I dont offer but dont say no if she asks)

On one hand I am very sad...on another I am glad. I am glad I dont have to wake up 3-6 times a night anymore! Only 2-4 times to comfort her and tell her shes ok. At least its not waking up to nurse, but shes a pretty high needs baby
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