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Re: Santa - what do you do?

As kids we didn't do Santa at all. I think we sat on Santa's lap twice, once cause we knew the guy taking the pictures and the other time cause our great-Aunt wanted us too.

My sister-in-law on the other hand, her family did Santa more so because it was an excuse for how much her mom spent on them but just the same when my brother married her he was told you have to believe in Santa if you want presents. That ended like a year later.

We now do the birthday cake for baby Jesus on Christmas eve and all the kids know that their presents are coming from family.

I'm thinking of letting my kids play Santa every year and buy Angel tree gifts. The point of Santa to me is you don't know who your gifts are coming from.

Now at the same time I never have and never will spoil it for someone else, and will try to teach my kids the same thing. That's it's all right for others to believe in Santa it's just not something we do.

Just tonight I had a talk with a little boy of Santa bringing him something for Christmas, and that Christmas really was getting close.

I think the idea of Santa is fun, but at the same time I just can't do it.

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