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Re: Santa - what do you do?

heres my thing. Its not that i have a problem with other people believing in Santa, just not my kids. I havent said to them "theres no such thing as Santa" but i also havent said "there IS a Santa". They really have no idea either way. On Christmas, they know that all the presents are from mommy and daddy because we love them and care about them so much. I want them to know that Jesus is the real reason behind Christmas, not Santa. It seems like nowadays its becoming more of a "Hallmark" holiday and people are forgetting the real reason why we celebrate. Santa is not my reason, nor my kids reason. period. But like i said, they see Santa at the mall and on billboards and stuff and they dont even pay attention to it. They have no idea who the guy is and we are keeping it that way unless they ask. Then we will be truthful with them when the time comes.
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