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Re: Anyone have a Happy Hangup or Amby Baby?

My dd had severe reflux since birth. She vomited an average of 30 times a day (sitting up or laying down). Up until 6 months old, she never slept longer than 30 minutes. That's when I discovered the Amby. OMG! It was like a lifesaver! The first night, she slept 4 hours in a row! I felt like a new woman.

We used it until dd could no longer use it. We even took it with us when we traveled. Checked it on the airplane in the travel bag with no problems.

I would HIGHLY recommend the Amby to anyone who has a reflux baby. I absolutely loved it. She is 2.5 now and just started to sleep flat. She still has reflux, but the meds are doing their work now. We have our ups and downs, but it's mostly ups now. Hang in there!
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