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Re: sleeping longer at night and milk supply

you will be son dropped a feeding every week or so until he was no longer nursing at night by 11 weeks. And my milk supply was fine, if anything I had to pump in the mornings but other than that fine...but part of that was because I was a dummy and wasn't nursing BOTH sides just one, and so I was being too full on one side. But don't worry, think about it, some moms only nurse for one nursing and always have milk. it's not as cut & dry as it sounds, like if he doesn't nurse at one period there is no assured there is ALWAYS milk. has GREAT articles to help you learn more about breastfeeding.

also with the solids, just be sure that he's not replacing his milk with solids eh still needs milk, that's his fat source....I found this out the hard way...ds was not nursing long enough becuase he wanted to go "eat" so I just have to make sure he nurses both sides and keep him from pulling away to play etc...

hope the helps a bit!!!
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