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Re: Go into detail about how to swish.

DJ's older so I'm not sure if that makes it better or worse as far as leaving him unattended for a minute while I tend to the poopy diaper! Usually, once I get him cleaned up and dressed again, I'll send him back in the playroom while I take care of the dirty diaper. If he fusses about being left alone, I let him follow me in the bathroom to "put the poo poo in the potty". If absolutely necessary, I have left the dirty diaper laying on the changing table for a few minutes until I get him taken care of so that I can get back to it but that's rare. In the bathroom, I dump what will dump and if it still needs to be rinsed, I usually try to turn the diaper wrong side out and hold it by the edges so that the only thing going in the toilet is the poopy part. (Another benefit to lay in soakers and liners...99% of the poop stays on there and it's a whole lot easier to dunk/swish that than the whole diaper!) I swish it around a bit, flush, repeat if necessary, then turn it back right side out and try to kind of roll or fold it so that I'm still holding a dry part and it's not dripping everywhere. If it's a fitted, I'll lay the dripping mess in the cover and then just dump it all in the pail (which is in his room across the hall from the bathroom...our bathroom is tiny and there's no room for even a hanging pail in there! If it's a pocket or AIO, I just try to hold it so that it's not dripping everywhere and then dump it in the pail. I don't wring it out...I figure it's kind of a compromise between wet pail and dry pail! During the week, we only CD part time so I usually wash every 2-3 days...sometimes only once in a 5 day period now that I have enough nighttime dipes. On the weekends, it depends on how many poopy diapers there are. If it's a lot, I'll wash both Saturday and Sunday night. Otherwise, just once on the weekend. So far, I haven't had any problems with staining or odor or anything like that so it works for us. Good luck...

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