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Re: PF + Wool = Rash???

No fabric softener in either the washer or dryer. I did start adding 1/4 cup vinegar to the last rinse in the wash cycle. Then we do an extra rinse after that is done. (A load of diapers with the babycycle is over 2 hours - the extra rinse adds an additional 15 minutes.)

His rash is really more by his butt.

We ended up using vaseline last night just to act as a protector. His butt was much better today. But when he poos, he now screams when I have to clean.

I'm getting in some hemp PFs and actual cloth wipes (we're using old baby washcloths). Won't the hemp be more absorbant than the cotton? And our thoughts on the wipes is that cloth is SO much easier but the terry might be too rough on his rash.

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