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Re: Fallen off the EC wagon

How old is he?

From what I've gathered from reading, it seems like babies commonly go through phases at certain ages when they stop using the potty, even if they've been EC'd since birth. And sometimes it happens just before they're ready for toilet independence, too.

But if you really want to go diaper free, I'd say it. Just take his diaper off. Do you have carpets? If so, can you put something down to cover them (a fleece or wool blanket, etc.) to protect them? Are his poops pretty predictable? If so then wait to take the diaper off till after he's pooped, and then just make the BBLP available and offer when you think he needs to go, and keep communicating when he goes on the floor.

Has he been resisting or refusing when you offer the potty? If so, have you tried different locations? Sometimes babies prefer to go outside. It seems like boys often prefer to go standing up--maybe he would like to go while standing in the tub.

Remember that it's all about communication, not just catches!
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