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Re: Educate me please!

I got hooked just by putting my 5 week old over an old wipes box after a nap. Those are pretty easy catches and will get you really into it!

Another really comprehensive, awesome resource is Tribal Baby.

What is a cue sound?
As MeCo7707 said, it is the sound you make while your baby is pottying to get him/her accustomed to a sound to release to. For example, as young as a few months old, my son would wait until he was disrobed, positioned and I made the cue sound before he went potty. A very common sound is 'pssssssss' or 'sssss'.

Have a great EC journey! One of the coolest things is that something that is usually dreaded (diapering) becomes something very bonding and exciting! It is also a great tool to keeping a baby content. Sometimes babies are squirmy and uncomfortable right before and after they go in their pants. If you position them to go potty as soon as they squirm or give whatever sign they may give-it keeps them content and happier (in our case anyway!). The benefits are so numerous! Have fun!
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