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Re: Go into detail about how to swish.

Years ago I used and swished prefolds, but I've given up both. Here's what I used to do:

I'd swish right away, before the poo dried on. Hold driest corner of diaper firmly and dump the rest in the toilet. Swish around until most of the poo is off. If it's really poopy I'd pull the diaper out and let it hang dripping over the toilet, flush, then swish again. My diaper pail was next to the toilet so then I'd let the diaper drip a bit then quick toss it in the wet pail.

I don't swish anymore, I just dump whatever will fall off into the toilet then use TP to wipe off most of the chunkies. Then it goes into a dry pail to wait for washing. As long as I wash every other day I don't have stink issues.

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