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Re: Midwife or OB?

With my first 2 I used my family practice dr. Then my dr. left right around the time I got pregnant with number 3. So with her I decided to use a CNM that my sister recommended who delivered at the hospital my other 2 were born at. LOVED HER!!! She was great. She even let my husband pretty much deliver my baby, (he was an emt at the time!) So the birth experience was awesome. But the hospital stay was a different story. I am now pregnant with my 4th. I am 32 weeks alond. Up until 29 weeks I was with the same midwife, she had told me she thought the nursing staff issue was resolved. Then a sister of mine delivered there and her hospital stay was even worse than mine. (Birth was great, we had same CNM) after much agonizing and talking to my CNM, I switched hospital systems so I had to switch my dr. However I love the one I am at too. (He was recommended by my CNM). And several of my friends have recommended him. I think for me I have liked both dr. and CNM the same.
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