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Re: Fallen off the EC wagon

Yes, EC is alot more about mommy being aware (they just EXPECT you to be, kwim?). Trainers may help. I like Continuum Family or EcAware. Here's a discount code for CF: CP0585. That's a zero in there and you have to enter it twice: once while registering and again at checkout for 10%off. You should try NEC. When baby starts going through potty pauses (5 mo - 1yr, especially in my experience due to all the learning), NEC may keep you on track because baby is often relaxed enough to go. Daytime they are often just not interested or giving mixed signals (or we get too busy to notice the little signs!!).
FYI, our 1st big potty pause was around 5 mo. Lasted (on&off) for a month. Lately it's more sporatic (depending on how teething/standing/walking/talking is going). DD is 9mo now , ED'd from birth.

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