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Re: PF + Wool = Rash???

You know, I hadn't considered that the vinegar would make it acidic.

I just finished washing - and added a full 2 wash cycles with nothing added.

How do I use baking soda? How much? Can I use too much?

I think we use about 40mL of Sodasan for about 10 dipes.

The babywash cycle runs at 95Celcius. The short wash cycle I did without anything added ran at 60Celcius.

When he pees, the diapers smell like a peed on diaper. But I wouldn't call it strong or ammonia'ish. What type of a smell would I be looking for?

Since we switched to cloth, he is pooping more. Little stinker!

Gotta run - gotta run meltdown mode.

Thanks for your help. I really appreciate it!

Originally Posted by queenginseng View Post
The vinegar makes the wash very acidy. Have you tried using less or cutting it out a few loads? Baking soda should neutralize it.

What temp are you washing at and how many days between?

How much Sodosan are you using?

I think you would smell build up, do the dipes smell smelly right after a pee?

Every 2 or 3 days, I do a short cold wash and a second longer hot wash with detergent/soap nuts. When I do not, they smell funky after a pee. (Even if I do a hot wash with prewash or extra rinse.) But these dipes are usually just peed in.

Is he pooping a lot, or more than usual? Eating acidy things?
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