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Re: UGH! Thrush, for 5 months?

Ahh! and still, more good advice! I'll try the vinegar but I am also sore and raw so I may not end up sticking with that one...TY!
Originally Posted by sandrc View Post
i went through this the first few months of dd's life. what a pain!

stock up on vinegar. put it in the wash with all of your clothes, towels, bedsheets, blankets.
mix vinegar and water and wash your breasts with it at least twice a day (for me it stung at first but that's because i was so raw and sore but it helped tremendously!)
i didn't find that GSE did alot and DD hated the taste so we didn't stick with it
yogurt, yogurt and more yogurt.
get the baby acidophillus stuff from the refridgerator section of the healthfood store.
i also heard that you can expose your breasts to sunlight and it will help
after you start getting it under control and you feel like it's going away then you may want to do one last diflucan treatment on yourself and your baby.
that should get it.
just make sure all your clothing is sterilized and all the germies are killed.

a few months after dd and i got it under control DH mentioned that he had a rash under his arms of all places. we determined that it was yeast on him too (i guess from before i knew to sterilize the towels) he did vinegar washes and over the counter yeast creams and it went away. but not until he threw out all of his deodorant and stuff he was using.

good luck and i hope you get rid of it soon! is offline   Reply With Quote