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Re: Fallen off the EC wagon

I don't have a wool blanket - but that's because DD prefers her diaper on for some reason and I don't mind having her bum covered - already she's figured out how to take the blasted thing off when she has to go anyway lol. I'm sure a wool or fleece blanket would be great for the floor - wool would probably be better as it would keep baby warmer.

We EC at night IF she wakes up when she nurses, she sleeps in a hammock for the first part of the night but after the first feeding spends the rest of the night with me because of the cold and sometimes she will just roll over and start to look for a nipple without really waking up - when that happens I don't potty her. It has been working until last night I didn't wake up when she woke up to potty and she took her diaper off and peed everywhere lol - guess I will wake up next time!
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