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Re: Trying to EC a 2 month old, and I'm getting frustrated

I did modified EC. My dd would always pee when I took off her diaper. So when she started to pee I would say "psssssssssss" to her every single time. (starting from brith) At about 5 months when she could somewhat sit up on her own/trunk control, I started putting her on the Baby Bjorn Little Potty and I would look her in the eye and say "pssssssssss" and she would pee every.single.time. Seriously. It worked. We are still pottying her on the potty every diaper change and she always poops in her potty now. Keep the baby as dry as possible and soon they will start to hate feeling wet so they will communicate when they have to pee/poop. Try not to get frustrated, you don't need to catch every single pee. This is a learning process for BOTH you and your baby. Good luck. If you get really frustrated, take a break for a day or two. It won't hurt.
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