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Re: Trying to EC a 2 month old, and I'm getting frustrated

I am new again to EC, but I did do this with my DD4 starting about 3months. Whenever I was nursing her (most of the time), I would hold her with my hand between my legs. As soon as I felt the warmth, I would make the cue sounds. I did that for a few days before I tried going without the diaper. I didn't ever get peed or pooed on and after a few days, she would start fussing until I make the cue sound. It didn't matter if she had a diaper on, as long as I made the sound, she would go. I guess it just took her a couple of days of hearing the sound while eliminating to associate the two. I would try just cueing when you notice him peeing or pooing and then work up to pottying outside of the diaper. Good Luck!
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