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Re: Away from baby for weekend ?

I would absolutely NOT wean. My DD will be 10 mos. old when I have to travel to stand up in a friend's wedding and if I'm not confident that she'll take a bottle or if I can't pump enough for her, she's going with me (even though it will be a bit of a PITA having her there, and children are NOT welcome at the wedding ). I'm sorry it's not a popular opinion, but parenting is not convenient (I'm sure with 4 kiddos you don't need me telling you this) and I just don't think that taking away/changing your child's primary source of nourishment/comfort just prior to a major separation from Mom and then never giving it back is a good idea. I know that time with the girls is important, Really, I do. These are the times when I try to remember that they are only little for a short while. Good luck to you!
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