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Re: Top ten reasons not to circumcise your son

Great post! No circumsized penises in this house. DH isn't and we both feel strongly that this is simply NOT a parent's right. In our opinion, DS was born perfect, why change him?!

Kinda OT (a wee bit)...we were at a summer birthday party last year at a friend's home where swimming was on the list of activities. After swimming, we all got our children into the house to change out of their swimsuits. There were 4 little boys all changing in the same room (mine, the hostess', and two other friends') and one of the mamas told the b'day boy, "W, your peepee looks funny!" in a 'teasing' way. (W is intact) We all looked at her and told her that if she wanted to get right down to it, it was her son who had the 'funny-looking' peepee of the group--his was the only circed one there! She was shocked that her son was the only circed boy at the party--needless to say, she made no more 'peepee' comments.
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