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Re: Top ten reasons not to circumcise your son

All my boys are and will be intact and im sooooooooo happy about that. SO is NOT and I feel bad for him though I dont tell him that. I have been with both and I tell you as a woman an intact man is more pleasurable. As org poster stated theres more of a gliding motion then chafing and friction - it elminates the need of artificial lubricants all together.

Its the same as with cloth diapering though - I just wasnt informed initially about cloth diaper and all the options I had and now when i see a baby in disposables i feel sick to my stomach and i cant stand the smell and the thought of all those chemicals on their little bottoms.

i have converted my SO in both categories 100% and couldnt be happier about it! - specially since we will be having our 3rd boy in a few weeks
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