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Re: Trying to EC a 2 month old, and I'm getting frustrated

First of all, I just want to say kudos for even trying EC. Secondly, don't stress out over this! EC is not a goal oriented process in the same way that PLing is. I started EC with my daughter when she was four months old. I laid her on a blanket with a towel under her and made a "pssss " sound if I caught her peeing. If I was wearing her or nursing her, I usually had a CD on her. Often it was just a prefold or fitted so that I would be aware of when she went and make the cue sound then, as well. It was only after doing that for a few weeks that I even tried to put her on the potty and cue her. I would do it after naps and feeds, and found that I caught pees about 50% of the time. I cleaned up puddles every day, especially once she began crawling. Learning to read her cues was not something that happened overnight. I commend you for starting EC with your baby at two months, but remember that you are still getting to know your baby and you are tired. Cut yourself some slack. If you need to take a break from EC for a day or two, put a dipe on your LO and rest in the knowledge that you are giving yourself a mental break. You are not losing time.
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