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Re: Top ten reasons not to circumcise your son

Originally Posted by TwosCompany View Post
Great post! No circumsized penises in this house. DH isn't and we both feel strongly that this is simply NOT a parent's right. In our opinion, DS was born perfect, why change him?!

Kinda OT (a wee bit)...we were at a summer birthday party last year at a friend's home where swimming was on the list of activities. After swimming, we all got our children into the house to change out of their swimsuits. There were 4 little boys all changing in the same room (mine, the hostess', and two other friends') and one of the mamas told the b'day boy, "W, your peepee looks funny!" in a 'teasing' way. (W is intact) We all looked at her and told her that if she wanted to get right down to it, it was her son who had the 'funny-looking' peepee of the group--his was the only circed one there! She was shocked that her son was the only circed boy at the party--needless to say, she made no more 'peepee' comments.
my goodness, that is just so out of line!

Originally Posted by schmitz2308 View Post
For you mamas who have convinced your SO what facts did you give them to help change their minds? I am due in Feb and I still have to convince mine!!!
i told him to watch a video of a child being circ'd and if he could sit through it, AND have it done to his new born child...then he was on his own for the can find vids online. they are quite disturbing. i got about...five seconds into one and immediately started crying. poor baby. my hubs is circ'd but his dad is not...and he told me that he wanted his son to be circ'd as look like dad. i asked him, "oh yeah? and how often do you and your dad stand around staring at each other's bizness?"

Originally Posted by nini02 View Post
Lots of things used to be perfectly legal and acceptable until enough people stood up and spoke out against them. It was legal to circ baby girls in this country until 1996! And it was even covered by some insurance companies up until the 1970s, I believe....
i cant even believe that! ive never heard of routine female circumcision.
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