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Re: Top ten reasons not to circumcise your son

Originally Posted by KobeeJacknGradysMama View Post
I have 3 boys and i chose to circumcise them all. i have never criticized a parent on whether they did or didn't i believe it's a personal choice that both parents make. My husband and i both felt that we should have it done so we did, believe me i felt bad for the baby but it was done in about 5 min the baby was brought back in right after and looked like nothing had happened. he wasn't crying or upset at all (all three the same way). after a couple of days the circ looked fine and you couldn't even tell. i believe to each his own
this can't be correct, because i'm almost certain the procedure requires them to wait awhile to make sure the wound doesn't continue to there is no way it could have been 5 minutes and hello, why would they bring your baby back to you crying hysterically after having part of his p*nis cut off? seriously, thats not relaistic. With my 2nd son they even told me when they brought him back that he had been pretty upset but they waited to bring him back to me until he had calmed down. I was surprised they even told me.

Originally Posted by Edenite View Post
Just forget it, you are being dramatic. You really need to calm down. I don't care who does and doesn't do it, I know I am and that's the end of that. I just wanted to comment on your post b/c you are very incorrect and from your last post (quoted) there is no other truth but yours.

My reason is both religious (not social) and medical, if you have a problem with that than, tough cookie.

The foeskin will be off my child and if you think it is so wrong for me to do it then call CPS, opps sorry you can't b/c it is not illegal and I am well within my rights to do so. You are not better or more educated than anyone else b/c you didn't circ. Just live and let live.

Believe me, I don't think a mama on this board would hurt their child and we all love our children just the same, so please give it a rest.

Not trying to argue but you really need to stop, you can stand up for what you believe without going to extremes and calling people ignorant.
I think if anyone is being dramatic...your post screams of it. If your so convinced that doing it to your kids is a good thing, then it shouldn't bother you what others say or think, now should it? Sometimes being offended is a sure sign of conviction that the choice your making isn't the right one.

Originally Posted by JollyHolly View Post
Lady, you are the one being dramatic and over the top. You are the one who needs to stop posting. Calling CPS? Really? You need to stop trolling on this board for the purpose of starting drama.

She is trying to educate and who are you to say she shouldnt? She's doing a public service and I'm glad there are people out there like her that care enough to spread facts. I personally would not be as educated on the topic if it weren't for well-educated and passionate mamas like her out there.

Thanks for the post, OP.

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