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Re: Top ten reasons not to circumcise your son

[QUOTE=beautiful7;5766587]this can't be correct, because i'm almost certain the procedure requires them to wait awhile to make sure the wound doesn't continue to there is no way it could have been 5 minutes and hello, why would they bring your baby back to you crying hysterically after having part of his p*nis cut off? seriously, thats not relaistic. With my 2nd son they even told me when they brought him back that he had been pretty upset but they waited to bring him back to me until he had calmed down. I was surprised they even told me.

there would be no reason for me to lie about this at all. i'm serious....i timed it they took the baby away and 5 min later he was back with me, they numbed the area and he was totally fine not even red, none of them cried. Maybe it's different in different hospitals and states but my babies were all perfectly fine after. it might depend on the doctor that does it too. if they did bring my first baby back crying hysterically i could not handle that and would never have had them do that to my others.
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