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Re: Top ten reasons not to circumcise your son

Originally Posted by Edenite View Post
Just forget it, you are being dramatic. You really need to calm down. I don't care who does and doesn't do it, I know I am and that's the end of that. I just wanted to comment on your post b/c you are very incorrect and from your last post (quoted) there is no other truth but yours.

My reason is both religious (not social) and medical, if you have a problem with that than, tough cookie.

The foeskin will be off my child and if you think it is so wrong for me to do it then call CPS, opps sorry you can't b/c it is not illegal and I am well within my rights to do so. You are not better or more educated than anyone else b/c you didn't circ. Just live and let live.

Believe me, I don't think a mama on this board would hurt their child and we all love our children just the same, so please give it a rest.

Not trying to argue but you really need to stop, you can stand up for what you believe without going to extremes and calling people ignorant.
Please, find facts to prove me wrong. Find a medical society who recommends routine circumcision, or that it is not painful, or that there are no complications, or that men somehow do not respond to antibiotics and creams. Find the part of the Christian Bible that says that Christians must be circumcised.

There are lots of things that are legal but really questionable as parenting choices. You can smoke in the house with your kids there. Not illegal. Are you going to do that? Your child will probably be fine. It's not illegal to put coca cola in your baby's bottle. Are you going to do that? They'd probably be fine. If not being illegal is your standard of care for your child... well, I don't need to finish that thought.

Circumcision is a tough thing to discuss b/c most people have never heard that there is a choice. Most people know nothing about the foreskin. I didn't, and I went to graduate school! It can be a really scary thing to find out about, b/c it literally strikes at the most sensitive place - not only did a parent have unnecessary cosmetic surgery performed on their child, this surgery removed the most sensitive part of the penis, and in many cases, caused harm. What a horrible thing for a parent to have to think about. So, if a parent already had her child circumcised in ignorance (ignorance literally means "not knowing,") and then learned this stuff, she would feel terrible. So does she bury her head in the sand and shoot the messenger, hoping that by ignoring the new facts, the bad feelings will go away? Or does she realize that she made what she thought was the best choice with the information she had, forgive herself, accept the new information, and not do it again? (Hint: one way is more psychologically healthy and honest, and the other way puts the needs of one's child below one's ego.)

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Why you shouldn't circumcise your son
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