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Re: Green & Thrifty...Making Your Own Detergent! (recipes pg 1 & 16)

Both recipes work great for me! I have reather hard water and as long as I use calgon on my dipes every now and then they are fine. Though I have to use calgon even when I use Country Save. Persoanlly, I find this washes my pfs, flats and anything else 100% coton just fine with the regualr amount, but my mf and other pocket pieces seem to need a little bit more of the detergent to get clean. The stuff for the laundry works great though! I have severe allergies due to an auto-immune disorder, and there are so few detergents I can use on our clothes. It gets them nice and clean, and they always smell even better if I hang them on the line to dry! Which remind me I need a clothes line....
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