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Re: Green & Thrifty...Making Your Own Detergent! (recipes pg 1 & 16)

Originally Posted by usnavypride View Post
I can't say what homemade soap is safe, but I will agree to the don't use it on hemp comment I accidently tossed in one of our Thirsties Hemp Fitteds in this soap recipe and DD woke up yesterday with a red butt. Literally every part her skin was touching the diaper, front, back, sides, were all pink/red. She does have mild exzema which could attribute to some of it, but it hasn't happened with the other diapers, inserts, or pockets that I've washed in it. I feel bad for putting that one on her now. I like the homemade laundry soap, but I will either have to wash her diapers in the laundry soap, or get diligent about washing the two hemp fitteds in different soap.
Do you think that was because of the Borax? I wonder if it would be good to use without the Borax?
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