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Re: Trying to EC a 2 month old, and I'm getting frustrated

Hi - congratulations for trying EC! I agree with the above poster that the most important thing is to try not to stress over it, no matter what happens. We started EC at birth with our son, and at nine months I can say it's been 'hit and miss' in many ways! But remember to focus on the communication aspect, which you can succeed at even if the poop ends up in a diaper or the pee ends up on the floor.

For the practical aspects: I usually nursed with a prefold or open diaper, so it wasn't a mess. Early on we had diaper free time, again over prefolds. Make the cue sounds whenever you see her pee. She'll make the association fairly soon, and then you can try over a potty. Two months is a great time, since she'll need to go so often that you'll have better luck with the initial catches!

Also, ECing is not a linear process - we've had so many reversals as our son gets older. We used to catch all poops, now we miss poops when he's too engaged to go to the potty. We've had him cry every time we put him on the potty at various ages, and now he sometimes gets up and then goes immediately after on the floor. It's all part of learning, for you and the baby.

Good luck, and enjoy ECing with your daughter!
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