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Re: Do you cover up when NIP?

I usually use a RS to nurse in, so there's that tail there. When I nurse in a pouch or MT I don't bring anything else to cover up with generally. I might toss a PF on DS's head because he's VERY easily distracted. Once I forgot a sling altogether and had to get a blankie to cover him up, because I was with my neighbor who does not BF (she thinks it's yucky, or something... like she was in 7th grade) and we were going out to eat.

That blankie is now Dec's most favorite "bankee", he loves on it and he snuggles it when he goes to bed. So that "oops" turned into an awesome thing for D.

I don't have a "hooter hider". I chose "depends" because I do try to cover him up when he's in a RS, mostly because he's distractable, and when we nurse in public I'm walking around or in a shop and he *REALLY* enjoys showing off his spoils, I don't care if anyone sees me nursing, but I don't want to give a full-on peep show because it amuses my 13mo, lol.
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