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Re: Top ten reasons not to circumcise your son

All boys (and girls) around the world are born with foreskin, this is not some accident of nature yet it happens in the U.S. to baby boys every day. The cleanliness issue shouldn't be an issue when hygiene is not something to battle with in the U.S. given access to clean water, as other people in other countries don't seem to be complaining about this either.

I hear the comment about boys needing to look like their dads before I was ever pregnant the first time (so I didn't really know the details about circ then) and given my lack of knowledge at the time, I can see how I, too, would've easily accepted the practice for that reason alone because people talk about that like that is a perfectly legitimate and logical reason. However, baby girls don't look exactly like their moms so it shouldn't be any less unusual that baby boys do not look exactly like their dads in terms of the baby's body and an adult body. My DD doesn't seem the least bit upset or traumatized that she doesn't have developed breasts.

I think any boy would be more thankful that his genitals weren't cut as a newborn without his consent than to have them cut just so he can look like his dad.
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