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Re: Away from baby for weekend ?

Wow! I am kind of surprised at the responses that say cancel the trip, but I guess I asked for it Like I said before, this is the longest time I've nursed, so I'm proud of myself for making it this far! I don't really enjoy nursing, and have never been particular confident doing it (prior 3 babes I've always questioned if I'm drying up, which has led me to wean, kwim?) So I think I'm doing better this time Dh and I have been discussing weaning, because with all the night feedings, etc. I am feeling really drained. I so admire those of you who can have a reasonable quality of life without good sleep (or maybe your babies sleep the night through), but my quality of life really diminishes when I get woken up so frequently, but that's kind of an aside to my question.

I can certainly appreciate that some of you would not feel comfortable being w/o baby for so long, I know that this weekend away is very worthwhile for me. It's not so much a fun-filled weekend of gabbing w/girlfriends & shopping as it is a time to focus on me and bring clarity to my life. I am the nurturer to all, so this is a time to be a nurturer to myself, kwim? It only happens once a year and I know I really need it - especially now that I do have yet another dc.

I think I've gotten the reassurance that I needed to take my pump along with me and dump. Dd frequently has an evening bottle, so I'm confident that she will be sufficiently nourished while I'm away. I guess the worse thing that would happen is that I would dry up, and cause weaning, but I'll plan to eat my morning oatmeal and drink my Mother's Milk Tea to keep lactating, and hope for the best.
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