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Re: Do you cover up when NIP?

Kate, I was really irritated to see that on the news as well. Just because SOME moms choose to use a cover, does not mean ALL moms do. I think it was even funnier to see the male news anchor trip over the word "breast" each time he had to say it, yet less than 10 minutes later had no problem talking about a strip club.
I voted "it depends" on the cover up, because there have been a couple times when I cover. To be honest, I think the best use for a hooter hider is pumping in the car when I don't want to show the whole parking lot exactly how the baby eats while mommy's away!
I was at the nurse in too, that was great. It was really nice to see all different moms (and a few dads) together for the same purpose. Baby's first peaceful protest!
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