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Re: Mommas I need help

First of all

I have not dealt with the relactation side, but have been dealing with PPD and anxiety problems that I basically ignored up until a few months ago. I wanted to give you assurance that it is entirely possible to BF with PPD and while getting treatment. For me personally, BFing was my one savior, it felt like the only thing I did right. Have you sought out professional help for the PPD yet? If not, that really needs to be your first step, don't try to just deal with it, it really is something that is bigger and more common than you think. I tried to ignore it, telling myself it was nothing and would pass until I found myself cutting my arms to shreds one day and didn't even realize I had done it. I am telling you this because I want you to realize how bad it can get without you even realizing it, I certainly didn't think my problems were that bad. Now I am receiving psycho therapy and did end up needing to take medication, which they do have some that are safe for use while BFing.

I know relactation can be a very long, difficult process, maybe another mama who has done it can chime in and give you some advice there.

Have you tried the La Leche League forums? They have a whole subforums just for increasing milk supply and relactation. Here's the link to the forums: Also, contacting a certified LC or an LLL leader can be of great help too.

Feel free to PM me if you ever need to talk.
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