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Re: Mommas I need help

PPD is hard....any kind of depression is. Good for you for realizing it....I have had tons of bouts with depression since I was in middle school and after I had Jackson I kept denying it.....I didn't want medicine because in the past I had been to doctors who thought putting me on 4 or 5 medications was the best. For me it took losing my dad to suicide (major depression issues) for me to get on something.....depression sucks period I hate it with a passion and all it robs from people but you DON'T have to suffer!!! I wish my dad could've known that , so don't be afraid to try medicine and there are plenty that are safe for BFing.

As far as relactating.....I would definitely get in touch with a lactation consultant and I would definitely reccomend Domperidone....with my depression/anxiety, Jackson's health issues, everything I ended up with major supply issues and the Lactation Consultant could not find one single was really good until he was like 3 months old then boom it was shot.....I never quit nursing but I did have to supplement for awhile. Domperidone SAVED our nursing relationship though....and we tried everything fenugreek, blessed thissle, goats rue.

Just don't beat yourself up too much for the bfing thing....that was one thing and I thought since I was having problems and couldn't make enough milk for my ds that was a failure and I worried and felt bad everytime he had to drink formula like it was all my fault; and that really doesn't help with the supply issue itself. So just try to relax and you are a good Mommy for trying to nurse and wanting the best for you baby.

PM me anytime for anything and if you want more info on domperidone and where to order it just PM me too.
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