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Question Anyone raising their kids bilingual?

A few of you might know that I'm German. However, after the first 1.5-2yrs of DD's life I gave up talking in German to her (DH doesn't understand/speak German and since my parents were the only ones I talk German to, English became more and more natural to me, to the point where now I sometimes even have to find the right words in German!..)
Anyway, slowly I'm regretting it as DD doesn't understand any German anymore (maybe 2-3 words, but no sentences) and DS never even heard German..
I'm feeling I'm robbing my kids the chance of learning a 2nd language in the years where it's proven that they absorb it all so quickly..
DH's and my main concern was only always that especially for DD, who'll be ready for school soon, it might confuse her and that she'd focus on English first..
I'm debating to get the language set from MUZZY for German where both kids could still learn it (again) fairly quick and in a playful way.. But I'm not sure..
(DH doesn't really see the 'necessity'.. but somehow for me I feel it would be a great benefit if they'd be able to also speak in MY native tongue, kwim?)

So, are there any mamas out there who raise their kids bilingual? How's your experience?
I'd really appreciate your input!
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