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Re: Anyone raising their kids bilingual?

My son is 1.5 years old and is coming along learning spanglish. Lately he's been saying a new word every day or two and he picks whether to use English or Spanish based and which is easiest to pronounce. For example he says pulpo and not octopus, but shoes rather than zapatos. Even though we speak more Spanish at home than English, he's been picking English for more words. However he understands both languages equally well. Right now he's in Costa Rica for three weeks, so we'll see if he comes back speaking more Spanish.
I've heard lots of theories on teaching multiple languages and the best ways to do it, and like many things, I'd guess there's no one right answer. The one theory that makes the most sense to me is that you should speak with your child in your primary language, or one that you know equally well. The thinking is that if you use a language you don't know too well, your child won't be learning from the full richness of a language, but rather from an abbreviated, vocabulary-poor version and thus may not fully develop his/her language abilities (but most likely will cath up a little later on).
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