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Re: Which language to teach in?

Here is what my husband and I have talked about, but our baby isn't even born yet, due May 2009. Background info: I'm American and live in El Salvador, but was a Spanish teacher in the US, therefore I speak fluent Spanish. My husband used to teach English as foreign language classes here in El Salvador before going to the US to get his masters, therefore is fluent in both English and Spanish as well. My family, in TX, doesn't speak Spanish, and my husband's family barely speaks English.

We have decide to introduce both languages from both parents. When we're alone in the house, without any extended family around, I will probably speak English to our child. But, when other Spanish-speakers are around, we will speak Spanish. I plan to teach our baby words/vocabulary in Spanish and in English, pretty much forever. However, depending on where we live when child is ready for school, whatever language they learn grammatically will be determined on the type of school she (and other kids to come later) attends.

Since I have teaching experience in Spanish and know the grammar, I can teach Spanish at home if child(ren) attend English-focused school. I can do the other if child(ren) attend Spanish-focused school.

The point of all this is that, whether or not you know the grammar and vocabulary of the other language(s) you want to introduce, you always have the option of focusing on what YOU can teach your child, especially if you're the primary educator and not a school or your spouse. And, child(ren) can learn other skills at school or with other parents, or at an another institution.

Another idea: look for programs that kids can enroll in during their breaks from school where they can learn other skills- other languages, computer skills, etc. (My husband's mom put him in classes for every major break from the school year and he took classes on karate, piano, English, computer, etc. and he's very thankful to have been exposed to all those things.)
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