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Re: Nursing and pumping for someone else????

I did this for a friend so, I have a lot to say...I highly recomend doing it, but not at the risk of harming yourself or your own baby. Like doberbrat siad, pick a schedule and stick to it in order to increase your supply. I found that when i did not stick to my pumping schedule it would overlap with dd feedings and then I would get stressed about getting enough milk for other baby. Always, always, always put your baby first. I know this sounds obvious to is a given, right?

I think that if you train your body to produce enough for both babies from the start you will have no problems. I did not start until dd was the sole nurser for 5 body tried to do it for a while (3 motnhs) and then it slowly started decreasing..I quit pumping and now I just ebf dd. Remember, your body will be doing twice as much work so keep it fueled with good food and lots of water.

You will be doing a great deed. Every bit of bm that the other baby gets is worth it!! You are helping ensure a bright future for bith babies.
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