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Re: Night weaning...

I feel for ya mama. We're going through several (what I call) family crisis'---one being trying to get DS to nightwean (along with having him sleep in a crib.. at least you don't have THAT to deal with!!).

Just last night what worked more for us than ANYTHING that's ever happened before was this: for the last week we've been giving DS a bath at 8:00--sometimes it's just a dip in the water before he has a fit... it's the routine thing more than cleanliness. Then I nurse, nurse, nurse--but try to keep DS awake.. so it he nods off to sleep, DH comes in and picks ds up (which totally wakes my DS up) and then puts him back down for the other breast (unless he hasn't gotten to the hind milk of the first breast...then it's back on that breast). That way DS's belly feels fuller to him and he can go a little longer without NEEDING the breast (my DS is almost 6 months old and around 23 lbs.. so the word "need" isn't exactly for food). Last night for the first time ever DS slept from midnight to 5 AM without needing the breast... that's the longest that little guy has EVER gone (sleeping, with or without breast).

Bottom line.. keep experimenting... but try to get a bit of a "nighttime" routine down... I'm totally not a routine kind of gal.. but we observed for a few weeks (without teething pains or growth spurts) what time DS tends to wind down naturally and built in a bathtime and nursing around that.

Good luck!
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