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I need an attitude adjustment!

I feel as if I need an attitude adjustment and there is no better place for that than DS.
Sierra is 15mo and was a high needs/fussy baby. Fit almost all the characteristics. She has never slept through the night and in fact nurses every three hrs + sometimes constantly for hours in the wee hours of the am

I am feeling....... well I am not sure. frustrated? Resentfull
We cosleep and really in our small house thats the only option. I put the pack n play up and layed her in it and she scfreamed in terror. Her usual reaction to that. Although I did trick her into naping in there today.I just thought if the cow wasn't so close she would sleep. She loves her nunny and still nurses like a small infant- all the time. I just feel like I need a break from all this nursing. Weaning is outta the question. I am not so sure bout night weaning.
It's just aweful anymore. She is some (many) nights constantly nursing and groping and pinching. I feel abused! I do the PPO and have tried some of the other techniques. There was a couple week span where things were miserable round here trying the NCSS. We gave up. oh the way this child can scream for a nunny! I am at my wits end. CIO suddenly seems like an option....maybe
Oh help set my head straight. I feel like I am the problem. Like maybe I am having a bad attitude. tia
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