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Re: Which language to teach in?

For us it is simple. With our DD, DH spoke and still does speak Swedish to her she was fluent by about the time she was three I just spoke English to her and again she was fluent by about age three. When she turned 4 DH began to speak to her in German and still Swedish. She is very good in German now too at just over 5 years old. Sometimes she will answer in English but knows the languages are all different now. We have done the same with our son. And, funny not only is he saying many words in Swedish and English but has also said some words in German too (as he hears DH say) and he is only 16mths!

At some point I think it's around 3 ish and 4 or later for some kids, they realize that the languages are separate and you can say... "Nana speaks English only so talk english" etc...
My cousin did this the same way with her DH with their DD and she is fluent in Italian/English and French! She learned English grammar in school and she later in high school learned Italian written grammar in the USA and speaks all three languages.

Children learn languages quickly early on. We live in the USA but travel often to Sweden. Our DD knows to speak Swedish to the family there (even though they really all speak English as do many of the friends and family and people do there as they learn it in school early.) I remember she would combined languages like "Can I have weiber zeichenstift bitte" ...but at some point she clearly separated all three languages with no issues. We live in the USA so she will learn English grammar in school.

On another note. Only in the USA it seems do we wait to teach another language to our kids (in the schools system). I feel as does DH that it was best for our children to speak English/Swedish and German fluently and when they go to school they can learn another language there if they want. The human brain learns languages best early on. sorry so long
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