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Re: I need an attitude adjustment!

i've never considered my dd particularly high-needs, but she doesn't sleep through the night and still usually nurses at least 1-2x a night....but i'm getting a little off-track

a couple things that helped me

1)realizing that my dd is totally completely normal for wanting to nurse and not sleeping through the night - someone started a thead awhile back where it was said that developmentally many children aren't really ready to sleep through the night til at least made me feel less like i was doing something wrong

2)figuring out ways to get breaks for myself. i found that i was starting to resent the time commitment of nursing - particularly in the evenings/at night. it was always worst when i was laying there in bed with dd trying to get her to go to sleep and thinking about all the other things that i wanted/needed to be doing. it helped to focus on just enjoying/relaxing being with dd. and also to get dh in on the action - taking her for 5 minutes when it was starting to get to me - time to take a deep breath, go to the bathroom, get some water, etc.

there are some nights that are just rough - usually when she's teething. at the worst it can be about a week of bad sleeping/lots of night waking/etc. i have the luxury of having a dh who works from home so he can let me sleep in some in the mornings. or i found that sometimes i just have to go to bed earlier to get enough sleep.

i think the really important thing is to figure out what really triggers your frustration. you mentioned pinching/groping - and that's one that can really drive me up the wall, esp. if i haven't trimmed her fingernails recently enough. she gets really mad at me when i keep her hand away from the other side - about the only thing i've found that would stop her was to nurse her from the top boob & keep the other one sort of under me.

we've (mainly dh) half-heartedly tried cio and i just really can't get behind it myself. it's just not the right solution for us. nightweaning might be an option - but honestly that's more work than i want to put in to stopping something that doesn't really bother me 90% of the time. you just have to weigh it all out for yourself i guess. dr. jay gordon has a nightweaning technique on his website that's for an older nursling (like yours).

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