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Re: From Infertility to Quadruplets!!!!

Ok, so you ladies have been patient and are dying to hear the news so here it is.......

we put back 3 perfect embryos and all 3 implanted and 1 split, so we have quads so far I am in complete a good way of course 1 of the larger ones had a heartbeat today at 5W6D which was surprising....We will go back in 1 week to see if there are heartbeats on them all. Oh and the 1 embryo that split on to 2 babies, each baby is in their own sac so we don't have to worry about twin-to-twin transfusion

ok i had to share this news with you guys. here are the rests from the rest of my ivf group so was their most successful month in 10 years.....most number of pregnancies and most # of babies

Betas on 11 & 13DPO:
17 & 48- singleton
40 & 141-twins
39 & 240-trips
25 & 140-twins
69 & 220-twins
31 & 96- twins
38 & 152-twins
9 & 77- singleton (only transferred 1 egg)
**119 & 430**ME!!- QUADS
45 & 156- twins
300 & 601-twins
37 & 152-quads

US #2:

All 4 babies have heartbeats and are measuring on target!!!! Baby C is the biggest and strongest b/c it is on the anterior wall of the uterus all by itself. The other 3 are all on the posterior wall of the uterus so they have to share the space and nutrients.

Baby A: HB-131, measuring 6W2D
Baby B: HB-119, measuring 6W2D
Baby C: HB-125, measuring 6W5D
Baby D: HB-113, measuring 6W4D

The whole bunch:

The tech is trying to get all 4 on the same pic but it is hard b/c they are getting bigger and are on different sides of the uterus......right about now my bladder was feeling like it was gonna burst....and it was a vag U/S

Baby A:

Baby B:

Baby C:

Baby D:

and the belly shot that people have been asking for......taken mon 1/12/09 @ 7W2D

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