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Re: From Infertility to BFP

Originally Posted by kristinc View Post
Ok ladies I need some advice. I started having redish/pink spotting on my pantyliner and tp since this morning. I didi have trouble getting my progesterone suppository in this morning so it is possible that i irritated my cervix enough to cause bleeding there. I have had crampiness too, but no different than the cramping i have had since the egg retrieval. My ivf nurse was out fo the office today but i finally got ahold of one fo the other nurses and she said the spotting could be from anything from normal spotting to low progesterone levels to cervical irritation to the dreaded early miscarriage. She told me to go ahead and do another progesterone shot tonight and tomorrow night to see if that helps. But I am seriously freaking out. She said that the ultrasound will show the number of sacs and if there was more than 1 and one of them is miscarrying they will be able to tell that from an ultrasound, but likely they won't see a heartbeat to know if they are truly viable. She said if i need reassurance that I could go to a local RE and have them send the file to my RE for interpretation. So, what do you think??? Should i wait it out tunil friday and hope that the spotting goes away or should I try to find an RE to do my ultrasound tomorrow before everyone id closed for the wed & thurs holiday??? And my DH won't be able to be there if i go tomorrow. I need advice....please help.

I'd be super nervous...not to scare you away but I'd personally try getting in sooner than later. You seem to have such a delicate situation already!!! Best wishes
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