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Re: Bad appointment

Awful visit! Mine usually calls if they are late, especially that late. I'd be pretty mad that they hadn't read the chart either.

I remember seeing your post a few days ago about a low hcg level, sounds like it is doubling ok from you update.

I just wonder if they might be worried about ectopic or other hormone issue & that is why they want you to come back, but the nurse didn't want to say b/c they don't want to worry you (which is wrong, they should keep you informed if that's the issue).

Maybe you can call them & insist the md read your file & tell you for sure WHY exactly you need to come back in 2 weeks & if they are worried at all about your hormone levels or if that is not a concern at all.

I just went thru an ectopic, so while I know my perspective is not objective at the moment, I just want to mention it as a remote possibility to check out before you ditch the appointment.
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