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High Pallet and Thick Frenulum are dimishing my supply

My dd has a thick frenulum, the little flap of skin inside the upper lip that holds the lip to the gums. She also has a high pallet, both are supposedly diminishing my supply. At my first visit to the lactation consultant she was getting 3 oz at almost 2 months of age. I thought all was going well till her weight gain tumbled, gaining only 3 oz. in four weeks. My lc told me to drink 8 8-oz of water a day, take 4 fenugreek tablets 4 times a day, pump 3-4 times a day and to start her on solids. She was only 4 1/2 months old and took a while to learn how to eat. She has since gained more then 2 1/2 pounds and loves food. I was still sadden that at my last visit to the lc, christmas eve, she was only getting 2 oz from me a time.

While I am happy she is gaining she still does not last longer then 2 hours between each feed. Last night she didn't go more then an hour and half. I am SO tired!!!! I am think of ep'ing so I know she is getting more milk and so dh can feed her. I love nursing and I just want to cry at thinking of giving that up. I refuse to give her formula so pumping is my only option.

Has anyone else thought of doing this? I am a sahm so pumping is going to be a pain since she will inevitably want to be held when I am pumping.

Have I done all that I can? Help!!

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