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Anyone know of any tasty Vegan Recipes and/or great Vegan Cookbooks?

The time has come that our family is needing to switch to Vegan recipes whenever possible due to ds1's severe food allergies especially to milk protein and eggs. We are very new to all switching and eating Vegan, so we are looking for good tasting recipes to try. If you have any that you and your kids love, would you please post them here for me. {Or PM me}.
I am also wondering about any Vegan Cookbooks that might be helpful to our family. In particular, I am very interested in finding sweets {cake, cookies, candy, biscuits, etc} that don't have any eggs for ds1. He is starting to notice what other people eats and he REALLY wants to eat it too. Any help or advice would be GREATLY appreciated.

I am also wondering if anyone knows about 'beans" and how to replace them for meat? We do eat meat {though not a lot} as ds1 already has some weight issues and he will eat meat without problems. {turkey, chicken usually}.

What cookbooks have you found that have easy, tasty food? I am thinking of getting the Vegan Lunchbox as I 'think' maybe we can find some tasty foods there. Any others?

Thanks for your help everyone!!
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