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Re: I need an attitude adjustment!

My firstborn was highneeds (well, still is, it's just different when they're preschoolers! LOL)...I vividly remember the feelings of frustration and exhaustion that can accompany a truly high-need baby! :bighugs: It is HARD!

The one thing that made a difference for me was to realize that I needed to take care of ME. It's NOT selfish for you to take time for yourself, it's a real need for any mother but a NECESSITY for a mom of a high-need baby. Make a list of things that "refuel" you, whether it's a bubble bath, time to read, a shopping trip alone (even just to get groceries! LOL) and then arrange to make it happen.

Spend at least 10 minutes a day doing something for YOU. (Even just spluring on some new lotion or something special for yourself is good!)

When you can recharge your own batteries, you will have tons more patience for your DD.

And honestly, momma, it DOES get better! Hang in there! Why not just give yourself a deadline (say, 2 weeks) and decide to do nothing about her sleep for that amount of time, just hug her lots and accept it for what it is. In two weeks, try a small change (decreasing the length of a nursing session, perhaps, or having her nap in her bed for a change..just one small change) and see how that goes for two weeks. If no improvement, take another two week break.

Speaking as a mom of a high-need boy, you may be shocked to find that when she outgrows many of these needs (often all of a sudden) then you will find yourself missing this time...I know you may not believe me now, but it's true! LOL

Hang in there, PM me if you ever want to...I do know how hard it is. You WILL make it!
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