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Re: Packed Lunches - I am a food psychaotic!

Oh my goodness... i cannot begin to tell you how thrilled I am with this posting! As I know that my suggestions may be a little out of the ordinary [My DH is constantly reminding me], please trust me that they are OH SO TASTY and HEALTHY! I am constantly testing my meat-and-potato family at holidays and family potlucks ... and really.. they are fool proof if you just whip them with a little glee.

Sweet Potato Burritos
I know... different, eh? THESE ARE THE TASTIEST THINGS EVER! I debated on whether or not to try them, and now... my family is constantly requesting them!

You will need...
2 Large Yams/Sweet Potatoes
2 Bell Peppers [mix the colors!]
1 Onion
1 Taco Seasoning pack
4Whole Wheat Tortillas
Cheddar Cheese

1.) Wash, poke with fork, and put sweet potatoes in the microwave for 8:00 minutes. [It may vary.. but no big!]
2.) Slice onions and peppers into slices.
3.) Cook peppers and onions in frying pan with PAM.. or oil! Add 1/4 of taco packet... just enough.
4.) Check potatoes - give 'em a squeeze... they should be soft. If not, add a few more minutes. When they are done, scoop out the meat of the potato and mash with 1/4 packet of the taco packet.
5.) Assemble burritos! Slather on a big helping of sweet potatoes, pile on the peppers and add cheese! Fry them in the same pan you did the peppers in to give them a nice little crunch....
6.) Cut in the middle - diagonally- and ENJOY. Really.. you will thank me later!
THESE FREEZE NICELY! And taste pretty good at room temperature. ... you've gotta try them. My DH gave me the STRANGEST look as I was concocting this in our kitchen... but now he's always asking for "sw-urittos!" My little cousin whose a fickle veggie hating 11 year old LOVES these, too!


Crunchy Sticks
A restaurant here in my town makes these... we were awfully weary at first, but LOVE THESE! Tofu is the forgotten protein in the American culture. It's soy beans - just like Edamame... but cooked a little.The nutritional benefits are amazing.. and this recipe won't kill ya to give it a shot. If your child likes french fries or chicken fingers, they surely will love this!

You will need...
1 pack Extra Firm Tofu [produce aisle]
Corn Starch
Dipping stuff!!!

1.) Open tofu pack, drain water, cut into desired pieces -- we do little squares so they're like nuggets, but I have done the sticks so they're more like french fries - don't cut too thin!!!!! Aim for at LEAST half an inch, here.
2.) Roll moist tofu in corn starch.... really!
3.) Fry in pan of oil until crust is obvious.
4.) Serve with favorite dipping sauces! Perfect for buffalo sauce- ranch- blue cheese! mm mmm mmmm!


Hummus with spreadables dip-ables/Wraps or Sandwiches!!!!

Hummus is so easy to make.... grab a can of chick peas, a little oil, garlic, and your food processor.. then presto change-o -- you've got a healthful snack... or meal if you so choose!

Pack with Pita bread - carrots [cut the baby ones in half so they're easier to dip] Celery [although... I know some kids aren't fans]
Slather on some whole grain bread with oodles of cheese and lettuce!
Put in a wrap with shredded cheese and crunchy bean sprouts!


So.. it's proven.. Japanese people live the longest [average] and it's believed to be due to their very healthful diets. In Japan there are these things called Bento Boxes... their lunch boxes.

Image Google them.. they're amazing!

It's a well balanced meal! I know, that as I may not make cute little pandas out of rice and seaweed, that my DS will have well balanced meals like this for lunch.... Use this as inspiration!! Try to make their lunches look appetizing!


Berry Panzanella
I got this from 101cookbooks

1 lb berries
1 lb day old loaf

1.)Grab a hearty loaf of day old bread. Cut into small cubes... toast in cookie sheet for like 10 minutes.
2.) Mash half the berries you have [If they're uber tart, add a smidgen of sugar]
3.) Use mashed berries as a sauce over the semi-crunchy bread cubes, and toss in the rest of the berries.
SO GOOD! SO SWEET!! Use thick and creamy greek yogurt as whipping cream!

Other healthful ideas that aren't bad at room temperature and you can make easily overnight:

-*-Fried rice
Add veggies and sliced deli meat. otherwise, ease your inner caveman and nix the meat over all

-*-Rice Boats
Take Romaine lettuce hearts and make little rice boats with fried rice! They make them so fun for kids to eat.

-*-Chicken Salad/Tuna Salad Wraps - you know the standard run of the mill sandwich... well, make it a wrap to cut down on fat content, a little different change of pace and add grapes [chkn] or raisins [tuna] for a little boost - don't forget to add small tiny pieces of celery!!

-*-Kale and Potatoes - Grab a bundle of kale - wash it up, slice it up, and fry it with a little bit of oil, garlic, and salt! Once it's softer.. but with a little crunch, add an equal amount of boiled potato cubes. Now.... grab your masher, butter, and milk and make like you're gonna do some mashed potatoes! Leave them a little chunky -- OH SO GOOD! It's creamy! Use leftovers for lunches or make a nice soup with some white beans!
Ideal for DH with Microwave Access: I got this from 101cookbooks

-*-Rice Casserole - No more Campbell's creamed soups. Use cottage cheese mixed with sour cream for your creaminess. Add cooked rice, kale, sauteed mushrooms, cooked chicken.. whatever you can think of and bake until it's bubbly goodness! SO YUMMY - you'll want the left overs!
Ideal for DH with Microwave Access: I got this from 101cookbooks

-*-DON'T FORGET TO ADD FRUITS! If you're worried your apple or orange is gonna get sent into the trash can with your DD or DS.... slice 'em up! Mix a little bit of sugar and cinnamon with lemon juice to jazz up some apples!

... Oofta! I hope someone appreciates my winded post!

Take care, mamas! Good luck!!!

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